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We start working on "Everybody is important" projects celebration year January 1st 2015

Academy works and support United Nations Children rights , mostly crises area

World Heart Trainers Academy trainers support and respect United Nations Children rights!

Trainers are :

Paralympic Legend Jouko Grip

Everybody is important – physical education project The Honour Chairman. Jouko Grip was coaching several Everybody is important – family sport days. Example : skicoaching, running and menthalcoaching.

Fair Play Coach "Tim Power" Link 1 and Link 2

Master Johan Skålberg

Sensei Martine de Petter

Master Mohammed Isa Rezaee

Dr Anwar Yousefi - Boys & Girls
Th founder of Afghanistan ITF Taekwondo Academy and Master. Dr Anwar Yousefi was buildt also 4 schools in Afghanistan. 3500 students boys and girls and teachers almost 160 teachers.
“ Everybody is important “ – physical education project support and respect Dr Anwar Yousefi`s schools and Taekwondo academy. Co-operate physical education work since year 2011. Started 17 th August 2011.

Academias Kensai

Master Pance Milanov

Master Gyula T. Pap

Shihan Robert Wiklund

Sensei Saban Berk

Master Robert Pzewodzikowski

Master Maritza Fuentes Vazquez

SOKE Grandmaster Kenan Aydin

Head Coach Arto Vuoma

Fair Play Boxing Coach Veli-Matti " Vellu " Välimäki