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Everybody is important.

There is only one Sun and that Sun gives us all energy to live. We all live together under that sun, it doesn’t choose who gets the light, the energy for everyone is equally important.
Everybody is important. Physical Education Project has 20th birthday in year 2015. We honor nature’s energy and living environment. Children are the future.

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Everybody is important academies

Everybody is important

We only have one sun. That sun gives us life, no matter what we think or believe. It doesn’t care about our political opinions or our religion. In the name of its energy and light, we want to emphasize that EVERYBODY IS IMPORTANT.

Sun is the source of the energy on the planet earth. It doesn’t choose who gets the light and who doesn’t. Its motto could be equally for everybody. Looking down from the sun, every life is equally important. Sun has friends too; fire, water and air. Those elements don’t care about religion or politics either. They just make life possible for all of us. The energy needed to support life on earth is neutral. It is the same for all of us.

Only humans judge each other for beliefs. If we could forget judging and give space to all thinking, doing and believing, we could live in harmony with nature. We could keep our children safe, let them grow in a better world and let them make it even better for their children. We can, if we want to, let everyone find their own path, travel this journey in a fearless world.

The power of our new academies is in following this belief that everybody is important, everybody has a right to find their own place in this world. We want to set an example and spread the word all around. Everybody is important. In our team we respect everybody’s life, treat everyone equally, respect natures energies.

Welcome to our Team!

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